We’re small-batch coffee roasters specializing in cold brew coffee. We source specialty-grade, single farm coffee beans directly from our partner farms in Huila, Colombia.

Our latest import was sourced from Edwin & Gloria Erazo of Finca La Esperanza. Our partners set the terms of our negotiations, ensuring they are paid a just wage in accordance to the quality, craftsmanship and effort required to produce our selected varieties. They are further compensated for the use of their photos and likeness that we share on our website, branding and social channels. Their stories, names and images add value to our business and we believe they should be compensated for that.

Finca La Esperanza is located in a coffee growing area locally known as los naranjos or, the orange trees, for the abundance of mandarine and other citrus trees that readily grow amongst the coffee. The fertile hills, high elevation and proximity to the equator make this region especially apt for the cultivation of specialty coffee.

The Erazo’s are multi-generational producers and masters at their crafts, selling in the world’s top 2% of specialty coffee. They are a certified Comercio Justo farm under Fairtrade International.

Thus far, our partnership has helped Finca La Esperanza to finance the construction of a dirt road that allows them to drive their vehicle to what was a previously inaccessible coffee growing area. The road serves as an access point to retrieve coffee from the middle point of one of the steepest slopes on the farm, where it can easily be driven out for processing.

Edwin said the road is life changing. For years, they had to carry out sacks of harvested coffee cherries on their backs to either the highest access point at the top of the hill, or the lowest at the very bottom. The steep terrain of near vertical slopes made this an arduous process. This solution will make for more efficient harvests including less demanding physical labor, and will ultimately help to lower their own operating costs.

Coffee is one of the most labor intensive crops to cultivate and harvest, so anywhere that physical labor can be reduced is beneficial to the entire operation. We see the road as an investment in the longevity and sustainability of coffee, which includes the livelihoods of the coffee farmers and their families.

We’re currently working to support their initiative to start an organically farmed plot of the variety yellow caturra. This is a long term, mulit-year project. Stay tuned for updates!